For us as an association, social engagement is a matter of course and a matter close to our hearts. Whether local, regional or international: our members decide which projects should be supported by their contribution and the outcome from our annual raffle. We have been generously supported by a large number of companies with donations in kind for years. The raffle for these donations at our Christmas parties allows us to regularly make significant donations to charitable organizations and projects.

Our charity partners

BMW Club Germany
BMW Group Classic
Philips motorcycle lamps
Enduro Park Hechlingen
Stadler motorcycle clothing

Our charity projects

India Aid Landshut e.V.
Children's Palliative Care Center
Osteomelythishilfe eV
Glowworms e.v.

CHARITY PROJECT 2022: Glowworm eV

Charity Project 2022: Glühwürmchen e.V. At our general meeting it was agreed that in 2022 we want to support the Glühwürmchen e.V. association to help children with cancer. Donations and proceeds from our raffle supported by our partners go to provide financial support to the affected families for financial services in the children's clinic for: for

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Charity 2020 - donation check handover to Osteomyelitis Hilfe e. V.

Charity 2020 – Donation check handed over to Osteomyelitis Hilfe e. V. At the end of the charity campaign of 2020, on March 12.03.2021th, 2350, Rainer Thalheimer and Anja Jira handed over a symbolic check for XNUMX euros to Willibald Groß, chairman of Osteomyelitis, at the home of our members Susanne Daniels and Thomas Schmidt in Heusweiler/Saarland

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Charity project 2021: Osteomyelitis Hilfe eV

Charity Project 2021: Osteomyelitis Hilfe e.V. At the 2020 annual general meeting, our members decided to set up the association “Osteomyelitis Hilfe e.V.” as the club’s charity project. to support with a donation. Osteomyelitis is a bacterial infection of the bone that cannot heal without treatment, leads to destruction of the affected bone and is severe

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Vulamasango - Cape Town

Vulamasango - Cape Town While planning our 2020 grand tour to South Africa, the planning team expressed the idea that we should also support a local social project as part of our trip. We are in the privileged situation that we can financially afford such a trip and therefore have

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2019 Children's Palliative Center

2019 Children's Palliative Center In 2019, the donation from membership fees and our Christmas tombola went to the support association of the Children's Palliative Center in Munich for the third time. We were able to transfer a donation of 2.100 euros to the association. The handover of the symbolic donation check to the head of the children's palliative center Ms

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IMOT trade fair visit and donation handover to MEHRSi

IMOT trade fair visit and donation handover to MEHRSi On Sunday, February 17th it was that time again: more than 20 members of our club met again at IMOT in 2019 for the traditional white sausage breakfast. Many participants took advantage of the almost spring-like weather and got their GS out of the garage for the journey. There

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MORE says thank you

MEHRSi says thank you Our members decided at the annual general meeting in February 2018 that the statutory donation from our membership fees as well as the proceeds from our annual Christmas raffle would go to MEHRSi. MEHRSi actively ensures that guardrails in curves are equipped with accident protection so that the risk of injury for us motorcyclists is reduced

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2017 Children's palliative care center Munich

2017 - Children's Palliative Center Munich From our membership fees and the proceeds from the tombola at our Christmas party in December 2017, 2.100 euros were donated to the Children's Palliative Center Munich. We would like to thank all sponsors for tires, driver training, weekend rental motorcycles, navigation software and many other prizes. These companies have this result with their donations in kind

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2017 The Rhino Ride

2017 The Rhino Ride Destination Mongolia – 20 countries – thirty thousand kilometers. The club members Gerald, Florian, Ulrich and Peter organized their trip under the motto “The Rhino Ride” and thereby helped to draw attention to the situation of rhinos.

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2016 Children's palliative care center Munich

2016 Children's Palliative Center Munich At our Christmas party this year, our members donated 1.000 euros in a raffle and thanks to a large number of sponsors. This amount was increased by a further 500 euros as part of our charity program. We are pleased that we can make a small contribution to the living situation of seriously ill children

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2016 India Aid Association “Step by Step”

2016 India Aid Association “Step by Step” Members of the BMW GS Club International donate to the India Aid Association “Step by Step”. At the Munich regulars' table on April 07, 2016, our member Peter Langer, in the presence of the club's founder Ida Gaßner, gave a moving lecture about the work of the club "Step by step - systematic help

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