CHARITY PROJECT 2022: Glowworm eV

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At our general meeting, it was voted that in 2022 we want to support the glowworm association to help children with cancer. Donations and proceeds of our raffle supported by our partners go as

financial support for affected families

  • Domestic help to provide for families and siblings
  • Travel between the family home and the child's place of therapy
  • Cure or convalescent stays, rehabilitation measures
  • Tutoring and tutoring
  • Necessary purchases in the context of the child's illness
  • Transportation and funeral expenses...

 Financial benefits in the children's hospital for:

  • Equipment in the Swabian Children's Cancer Center for the benefit of the patients
  • Staff
  • Variety during treatment (e.g. handicraft afternoons, therapy offers)
  • Actions at the children's cancer ward (e.g. Christmas party, carnival party or barbecue evenings)

 for the affected children, siblings and parents:

  • Entertainment electronics, toys and handicrafts for lonely hours in the clinic
  • Discussions and exchange of experiences with the parents in the children's cancer ward
  • Fulfilling the heart's desires of seriously ill children
  • Excursions and weekend camps with the affected families
  • Family afternoons with games and fun
  • Accompanying grieving parents

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