BMW GS Club International

Are you driving a GS and want to get to know other GS drivers?

Then you are right with us!

We are the GS motorcycle club officially recognized by the BMW Group and headquartered in Munich and the German BMW motorcycle club with the largest number of members.
We organize exciting tours and interesting meetings of all kinds at home and abroad.
Non-members are also invited and welcome. We look forward to new members in the club.

Our vision

Who Are We?

The BMW GS Club International eV has been a registered association with over 2015 members since 150 - all noticeably enthusiastic BMW GS drivers. We initiate and organize all kinds of motorcycle tours at home and abroad under the motto "driving pleasure": from day and weekend tours to enduro trails and unforgettable long-distance trips - both on and off road.

In our varied event calendar you will also find offers for a wide variety of driver training courses, regular get-togethers in the respective regions, informative events and lectures, visits to motorcycle sport companies and accessories providers and, last but not least, our popular festivals and celebrations all around the motorcycle year.

Non-members are also cordially invited and welcome. And of course we look forward to new members who share their passion with us.

What distinguishes us?

We attach particular importance to the community of motorcyclists, friendly cooperation and active participation in club activities - always with family and friends involved. Our members treat each other warmly, respectfully and fairly. With our enthusiasm for motorcycle racing and our club engagement, we consciously campaign for the BMW brand and especially for the BMW GS motorcycles.

It is important to us to meet new people on our tours and encounters, to exchange experiences, to discover unknown regions, foreign countries and cultures. We are also responsible for the positive appearance of motorcycling and the community of motorcyclists in public.

What is important to us?

Transparency. The interests, matters and decisions of our association are always and for all members transparent and visible (information letters, website, annual general meeting, etc.). Members and the board of directors rely on trusting cooperation, to which the active participation of each individual in the club life and in the goals of the club makes a significant contribution.

exchange of experiences. BMW GS fans with different experiences meet at tours, regulars' tables and events: From newcomers to experts, from day trippers to frequent drivers, this creates interesting, varied and often helpful encounters.

Think out of the box. As BMW GS Club International eV, we also maintain international cooperation with other BMW motorcycle clubs in the form of tours, trips and cultural experiences. Another concern of our association is social engagement in the form of donations in cash and in kind. The recipients are determined each year by the members at the general meeting.

With this in mind: Make life a ride!

The board


Monica Grossman
was born in Friedberg and moved to Kissing (near Augsburg) for love. Since the beginning of 2020 she has been driving a well-run-in (approx. 110.000km) R1200GS ADV from 2006. A single 20-minute test drive was enough to infect her with the boxer virus. Since the beginning of 2022, the proportion of "G" has increased compared to "S" so that the GS can also be kept in a species-appropriate manner.

A nice tour with countless curves and in good "company" is all you need to be happy.


Angelika Drebinger
originally comes from beautiful Franconia directly from Nuremberg. She has lived in Munich since 1993 and in Gauting since 1997.

Angelika came to motorcycling late. Although she has enjoyed riding her two-wheeler since she was 15, she didn't get her motorcycle license until she was 46. Starting with a 650 GS, she now enjoys on-road tours with her 1200 Rally. Fortunately, Frank became aware of the GS Club 7 years ago. After a few visits to the regulars’ table and a trip together, the application for membership in 2017 was just a formality

Deputy Chairman

Dirk Thomas
GS driver for 33 years, that really says it all. globetrotter. On-road and off-road.

He drives all year round, as long as it is somehow possible. Preferably with friends.

He has been working since he first started mopeding in the mid-1970s, and he still likes it.


As an East-East Westphalia living in Munich for over a quarter of a century Micah like to travel in the Alps - of course on the GS.
Thanks to a generous employer and tolerant colleagues, his holiday plans are relatively easy to implement. They also allow time for longer tours, so that he can now look back on more than 200.000 GS kilometers.
In the first two-wheeler season, still touring solo, he has enjoyed the pleasant company, the creative and numerous tour offers, the events and the warm togetherness of the GS'ers since the club's early beginnings.

We look forward to meeting new people on our tours, exchanging experiences, exploring unknown regions and discovering foreign countries and cultures. We would like to contribute to the positive perception of motorcyclists in public and look forward to new members with whom we can share our passion.

Official BMW Club


  • The "BMW GS Club International" was founded on August 20, 2015 in Munich
  • The association is registered under the registration number VR 207479 at the register court in Munich
  • The association is based in Munich
  • The name "GS Club" is protected by trademark law


We have these advantages as an official BMW Club

  • Permission to use the BMW logo for websites, stickers, club shirts
  • BMW-compliant, protected club logo
  • Insurance protection for club and board work, special accident insurance for club members
  • Invitations to participate in official events such as the “Night of White Gloves” in the BMW Museum in Munich, BMW GS Days in Garmisch - member area, club presentation at the 20 Years BMW Club ...
  • attractive purchasing terms from our partners

club information

  • The BMW GS Club International e. V. is a motorcycle club officially recognized by the BMW Group
  • The club belongs to the BMW umbrella organization “BMW Club Deutschland e. V.” (BCD) on


The addition “International” in our club name means not only that we are active in Upper Bavaria, Bavarian Swabia, Franconia, Allgäu, Württemberg and the Lower Rhine, but also have members outside of Germany. We organize tours around the world and think outside the box.


Our regular round tables

Non-members are very welcome at all of our regulars' tables

Upper Bavaria region

Every 1st and 3rd Thursday of the month from 18 p.m

1st Thursday: We are looking for a new place, we will post it here as soon as it is found.

3st Thursday in Maxhof Inn, Mühlthalerstrasse 91, D-81475 Munich
Contact Person:

Region of Bavarian Swabia

jeden 2. Monat (01/03/05/07/09/11)

im Linden Inn,
Münchener Strasse 1 · 86316 Friedberg

Contact Person:

Allgäu region

Black Eagle Inn,
Zellerstrasse 1, 87789 Woringen
Contact Person:

Middle Franconia region

Every second Wednesday of the month from 18 p.m.
Restaurant Hummelstein Kleestraße 28 90461 Nuremberg
Contact Person:

Region of Württemberg

Here we are in search
for a new contact person and a suitable location.

Privacy policy
We, BMW GS Club International eV (registered office: Germany), process personal data to operate this website only to the extent that is technically necessary. All details can be found in our privacy policy.
Privacy policy
We, BMW GS Club International eV (registered office: Germany), process personal data to operate this website only to the extent that is technically necessary. All details can be found in our privacy policy.